We are SPOZZ.club, a community of innovative artists, music lovers and blockchain enthusiasts. We believe in fair conditions for artists, ad-free music streaming and fans who take control over their media consumption.
Below are some benefits available to owners of each SPOZZ NFT:
/ Access to SPOZZ club membership.
/ Owners who stake their SPOZZ tokens will receive a share of the SPOZZ ecosystem’s profits.
/ Early access to new projects within the SPOZZ ecosystem.
/ Priority admission and discounts at events, concerts, and parties organized by the SPOZZ community.
/ Access to private presentations, masterclasses, creative workshops, training and other exclusive online or IRL events with SPOZZ.club artists.
/ Exclusive promotional offers from the SPOZZ platform and/or its partner.
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SPOZZ.club is an entirely new way of monetizing your digital creations. You can sell your creations to an unlimited number of fans, traders and investors and collect income from multiple sources such as views, trades and royalties from the distribution to all major digital streaming and broadcast platforms.


Invest in your favorite artist’s work. Buy early into new limited releases and help independent artists to fund new creations. Sense what’s hot and trendy and make good money by selling it later to the secondary market on SPOZZ or any other NFT marketplace.


Become part of the community that operates and owns the SPOZZ NFT market and music club and change the way how art, music, movies or photos are distributed, consumed and monetized. SPOZZ tokens are a new medium of exchange that rewards creators and users for their contributions to the community. 100% of the net benefits of SPOZZ.club are paid out to the token holders.


A song, video or artwork you used to download and pay for now belongs to you. You can view it, collect it, earn royalties from it or trade it. SPOZZ is a community owned marketplace where creators sell their music, movies, photos and other digital creations for fans and collectors to buy directly.